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32.1 seconds before the whistle , tired legs finally unable to support the body weight, the Miller time be termination of Ben Wallace in the palm of your hand, everything goes to the end. Larry Brown has called for a long pause, all the teammates and opponents, the coach came over and he whispers, hug. In the 18345 home court issued a "one more fans shouted year" cries. This stubborn man, with tears in her eyes, for his occupation career waved goodbye, leaving the world a slim figure. when people talk about the history of the NBA's best perimeter scorer, ultimately Paul · the name of Pearce. Although he doesn't like Kobe Bryant single game scored 81 points nor like James as seen triple double as Tannangquwu, but his game is like drinking green tea, only thin after taste, to taste the flavor. once in the League brilliant GDP also old. Do not know, we can see how long they played, we always say they play too dull, but if you leave, there is no longer any tim shooting, no longer have manu Viper steps, there is no longer small French car break, then we can only sad picked up old posters to see their heroic. This two because of injuries falling from the peak of the alliance did not give up on themselves, man always together and struggle with injuries. Two people in the game of mutual Biao long three pointer that lets the person forever in the heart. remember 2000 years after the end of the all star game MVP by Tim Duncan and Shaquille O'Neal sharing. Finally the host asked they, who will bring back the trophy, Duncan made a to O'Neill's gestures and O'Neill said, Duncan has a ring, so I brought it home. In my mind, the first is the history of the first, one is the history of t Retro jordans for sale he first center. Carter was crazy raging union arena basket. Although now you reduce your altitude, but Carter, you are still you, you're still the same in the wings to fly, man, you or the pointing to the basket said: when I find a shooting in front of my basket as wide as the ocean Wensanidi. You still a king of Toronto, you still that kid next to the unidentified flying object, you are still that ravaged the basket, infinitely sharp Carter. 2011 in January 5th, the Spurs visited the garden the Celtics, this is the first meeting within the post Jordan period two inside overlord for two years, but also his final confrontation. This is a deformity to even Chandler and Nene can take more than 1500 top paid in and the whereabouts of a Howard is enough to let the League for the earthquake. So I do not know the two people in the game after the game simple hug a whisper of the heart in thinking about what is, perhaps wondering "if we were ten years younger, then the leading a team, to get rid of the these numerous underlings and then you pain 〉" Michael Jordan" the basketball gods had once retired from the NBA in 1994 to play baseball, but this brief baseball occupation career became Jordan Brand's new Air Jordan 11 color "Barons" inspired shoes with a Air Jordan 11 classic low barrel shape, Black Adjustable vamp with the white bottom and white transparent rubber outsole, belongs to the Barons team faithfully presented black and white color. Air Jordan 11 "Barons" will be tomorrow at the HBX officially added, interested friends pay close attention to the release of the HBX page. 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And this summer, Meng Meng small yellow people and SNEAKER produce intersection, Puma will introduce related themes for their shoes, shoes include Disc Blaze and Suede. Although there is no specific details of the sale, but they are jordan shoes online sale looking forward to the collision of sparks. APP download [get], WeChat public number: [get movement trend], scan code take you into the forefront of Sneaker, fashion trends, more free shoes true and false authentication service, you experience!is not difficult to find, change, evolution has always been the style of new in order to be different, the Japanese designer, you can see the common Japanese in any field, and you generally familiar with the apparel industry, is the most classic example of. Look at the source: sneakernews mentions air jordan 13, this pair of extremely classic Jordan is substituting basketball shoes, no matter be white, red, GIGI, playoff colour match, it is the little darling that shoe fan loves admiringly. 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It is reported that the series will be officially launched in May 6th in KITH stores and online stores, a total of blue, red and military green three optional, priced at $200 U.S. dollars each. APP download [get], WeChat public number: [get movement trend], scan code take you into the forefront of Sneaker, fashion trends, more free shoes true and false authentication service, you experience!& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; [Chinese shoes Network - News Analysis] in the first half of 2015 results conference, Anta Group CEO Ding Shizhong said, "Anta always looking for acquisition opportunities in the coming period will be the direction of" . In fact, this is not mentioned in the third Anta acquisitions. On the first half of 2014 results conference Anta, Anta Group CEO Ding Shizhong said the future of the company is mainly focused jordans on sale online on the Chinese market, but will consider drawing on Lenovo's acquisition of IBM as part of the business, through mergers and acquisitions the way for enterprises to "go." . He said the company this year looking for the right opportunity, there are takeover targets, but said mergers and acquisitions are still many uncertain issues. In the 2014 annual report at the meeting, again Shizhong ANTA Group CEO, said after the acquisition of FILA still have the ability to acquire other international brands, currently being approached multiple brands, determined when it can implement. Anta operating history, has carried out several transactions to acquire, improve the layout of their supply chain and products. In 2008, Anta sell Shanghai striker, gave up international brand agency business, focusing Anta develop its own brand business, with the children and see the introduction of Anta Anta sports life. 2009, Anta shot to the cost of 600 million Hong Kong dollars from Yum International acquired FILA China (including Hong Kong and Macau) trademark and ancillary services. After the acquisition of FILA, Anta complete sports coverage in high-end consumer groups. 2012, ANTA with 55 per cent holding in Quanzhou Huanqiu, 100% holding full front (Fujian) Shoes Co., Ltd., Quanzhou Light Industry Development Co., Ltd. of East groceries. After the acquisition of three manufacturing companies, the proportion of self-produced shoes Anta further enhance rapid response aspects of orders more agile. China's first without dispute, the world's fifth compete hard decision around 2008, Anta proposes a five-year plan, so that the first, the world's fifth in 2015. Today, Anta ranked the leading position in the domestic sporting goods companies, the profit level is also ranked third in the world, but revenues are approaching the world's fifth name. From the revenue perspective, Nike, Adidas, ranked the top two, and PUMA, UnderArmour, NewBalance, ASICS these four companies is fierce competition for third place in the industry. PUMA2015??????????? 1.594 billion euros, UnderArmour (Dema) 2015 first half revenue of $ 1.589 billion, NewBalance revenue of about $ 1.7 billion also, ASICS revenue also at about 9 billion yuan, four caught ahead of Anta length. 2015 first half results ANTA brand Mizuno of Japan is close, that is, Anta's sales to enter the global top five, it is necessary and NewBalance, PUMA, UnderArmour, ASICS, Mizuno five companies a showdown . In the domestic market, Anta's market share between 15 to 20 percent, already ranks first, it is an inevitable choice to enter the overseas performance breakthrough. Through the acquisition have a high visibility brand in overseas markets mature, more effective than the direct use of ANTA storm overseas markets. So, it is worth Anta had bought sporting goods brand is that home? We may wish to guess. PUMA a high possibility ?? 2007 Kering (open cloud) Holdings Puma, Puma carried out a number of adjustments, such as the integration of product lines, strengthen marketing, strengthen the fashion element, located in the functionality of the equipment, but by the squeeze on the market, Nike, Adidas and other brands performance pressure, Puma is not outstanding, the profit is also lower than the main group of luxury brands Kering other brothers brand. Peel Puma become Kering important choice of management to improve return on assets. Media also several rumors news Puma will be sold, despite being Kering denied, can also be interpreted as want a better price. The current market value of about 2.1 billion euros Puma, Anta market value of about 47 billion Hong Kong dollars, full strength shot. After the acquisition of Puma, use Anta supply chain management experience, Puma believe profitability will be improved, and sales of both Puma and Anta added Anta company's revenue and profits will be ranked the world's top three. Mizuno: possibilities Mizuno Japan's well-known sports brand, the higher its baseball and golf series product visibility. Products also around the world, but about 60% of the performance comes from the Japanese domestic sales, the acquisition of Mizuno like the Japanese market. This is the significance of Anta overseas expansion is not large. NewBalance: possibilities Newbalance reputation in the world is in its running shoes, running shoes by the world because of people like politicians, but in the other categories, NewBalance no advantage. If Anta acquisition NewBalance, in the short term will not be able to complete a comprehensive global distribution category. In addition, Newbalance rising trend in recent years, the performance is good, not necessarily the idea of ??selling shareholders. UnderArmour: low probability UnderArmour is representative of the brand new sport, loved by the emerging consumer groups. However, its market capitalization of nearly 20 billion US dollars, more than twice the market value of Anta, Anta no chance to start. Other brands: the possibility of low Looking at the global sporting goods brands, has a brilliant four Italian sports brand (FILA, Diadora, Lotto, Kappa), the right to operate separately sold or licensed to different companies, does not have the value of the acquisition, and segments of the The main objective of the brand is not Anta acquisitions, higher visibility of the sporting goods business category only comprehensive Japanese ASICS. ASICS sneakers in terms of, in particular, aspects of running shoes with deep technical accumulation, overseas has a very high visibility, Nike was the start at the beginning of its US agent. But equity ASICS is extremely scattered, difficult to acquire, operability is not strong. Who is next? Unable to be seen. Internet + Sport is becoming a new growth point of sports industry. This year, Wanda acquired Infront Sports Media layout sports culture, special steps together Zhimei layout Sport +, elegant birds (603,555) hand Tiger bashing, launched the sports industry funds, I believe there are more newcomers, Anta perhaps buying a sports industry-related businesses, Physical layout ecosystem not a bad idea (Chinese shoes Network - the most authoritative and most professional shoe Information Centre) & nbsp;as the temperature rises, the major brands have launched a fresh color of summer shoes, New Balance recently in 1400 and 998 two shoes modeled by suede fabric collocation crafted, with sea blue color, with bursts of freshness. It is reported that the series has now landed designated shop. Philippines graphic designer Chad ; Manzo created a new sneaker design concept, many different brands, different styles of shoes mix together, such as Yeezy Boost 350 V2 "Zebra" visvim and FBT Nike x ACRONYM Air Presto mix, Mid and Yeezy Boost 750 mix, a powerful and unconstrained style.